Army Officer Selection Board - Practice Tests and Advice

Army Officer Selection Board

The AOSB is a 2 part selection board held in Westbury, Wiltshire by the British Army for those wishing to become Officers in the Regular or Territorial Army.

AOSB Briefing

An initial 2 day course preparing and screening candidates for the Main Board. This website is partly aimed at helping practice for the 3 mental aptitude tests that take place on the first day of the Briefing.

AOSB Main Board

A 4 day course containing a variety physical, mental, and academic aptitude tests and tasks designed to determine an individual's suitability for attending the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and from there commissioning as an Officer in the British Army.

Help for AOSB Candidates (and those wanting to apply)

Here you can find tools and practice tests to help you in your preparation.

Lastly, best of luck to you all!

Speed, Distance, Time Test

Fuel Calculation Test

Compass-Bearings Test

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